DSC_0917eI do stuff. I was born in Venezuela and now live in NYC. I have a history. I’ve worked jobs. Whatever.

I’m radically skeptical about pretty much everything. At the same time, I love life, humans, and am constantly awed by the beauty and magnificence all around me. Sometimes those tendencies seem to be in conflict; other times, I think it is my constant questioning that accesses all those lovely things I live for.

In any case, if I’m convinced of anything, it’s that I’m making the whole thing up; that I am, in other words, responsible for my entire experience of life.

I write, often about philosophy. I’m especially interested in formal logic, epistemology, philosophy of language, metaphilosophy, existentialism, pragmatism, and libertarian political philosophy. I’m an amateur, but I pride myself in at least trying to be rigorous.

I have passions, and sometimes I write about those too. I care about left-libertarianism, unschooling, psychedelics, the power of introspection, personal growth, and polyamory. It’s important to me to get real when I write about this stuff. There’s little value in espousing the virtues of introspection and polyamory if I’m not willing to critically look at how I practice them in my own life.

I’m obsessed with creating projects. The sense of doing something innovative and ambitious is a legit high for me. Some of my projects are short films. Some of my best are works of audiodrama – spoken word stories set to original music. I’m also co-founder of Pressing The Button, your go-to resource for discovering cooperative alternatives to government provided services.

Anyway. Enough about me.

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