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#18 - Tomas Kaye, Pt. 1: Foundations for Political Philosophy

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Tomasz Kaye is a market anarchist and creator of the popular animated video "George Ought to Help", which argues against the legitimacy of the state. Tomasz's approach to political philosophy is highly systematic. He begins with metaethical questions and, only after answering them, devises a political system that coheres with his metaethics. In this episode, we focus on those foundational questions. Tomasz is a "moral nihilist" - after explaining what that means and why he's convinced of it, we discuss the role that intuitions play in his ethics. We then explore his intuitions about property - both of one's body and of things - and what may logically follow from those intuitions.

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Determinist Existentialism

If existentialism means anything, it means believing in free will. This should sound utterly incompatible with determinism: the view that causality is an exclusively physical phenomenon. However, I subscribe to both. Radical freedom and responsibility are the only response to the fact of determinism that I can think to make.

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Talia (audiodrama album)

"It all started when I decided to write a self-aware character." A narrative and musical  journey into the mind of a writer who fears that a fictional character of his own creation may be plotting to permanently hijack his very identity and agency. The humorous, philosophical, tragic, and absurd story is accompanied by a rich and varied original score, incorporating elements of electronica, prog rock, jazz, hip-hop, chamber, choral, avant-garde, and metal. 96 min. album.