Me: I was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela and now live in Brooklyn with four other humans and four cats. I’m currently a philosophy Ph.D. student at NYU (starting fall 2019). As far as I’m concerned, philosophy is the coolest of all the jobs (and I’ve had a few), so I’m insanely grateful for the opportunity to do it full-time.

My philosophical research is primarily in the philosophy of logic, particularly on the sorites paradox, the semantic paradoxes, the nature of validity, normativity, and the general issue of the ‘fit’ between formal models and the phenomena they’re designed to shed light on. I’m also interested in justification, the epistemic status of intuition, Pyrrhonian skepticism, metaphysical ground, metaontology (and metametaphysics generally), and some topics in political philosophy. Also everything else.

The stuff on here: I use this site to publish the non-academic creations I’m unashamed of enough (at the time of creation) to want to make public. This isn’t to say I remain unashamed of everything on here; quite the contrary, I have a general policy of becoming ashamed of everything I make within a few weeks of completing it.

Almost all recent content is (narrowly or loosely) philosophy-related. Most notably, I host long-form interviews with philosophers on my podcast Who Shaves the Barber?; if you’re a philosopher, that’s probably the most interesting thing on here. I used to blog semi-regularly, though much less frequently now. Generally, blog posts are where I get to express my thoughts on philosophical matters without being careful or rigorous, as well as discuss the philosophical-ish topics I’m unlikely to address in my academic life.

Before philosophy got tired of sharing me, I made absurdist and rather heady short films and audiodrama albums set to music. These are old and no longer my focus, but I still find some of them pretty neat. (If this interests you, the album Talia is imo the coolest piece in this category.)

And that’s it, I think. Out.