Love and Death (2018)

Writer, Director, Producer

A dark coming of age drama about a boy's first experiment with deviant sexuality, and what it forces him to confront when it goes horribly wrong. Short film. 15 mins.

Old Man Radiohead (2012)

Writer, Director, Producer, Editor

An old man fiddles with the dial of his car radio, in search of a channel to an alternate dimension. Experimental silent short film. 5 mins.

Life Changing (2012) [Screenplay]


A group of 120 strangers gather for an intensive and controversial 10-day personal empowerment seminar. As the participants confront personal demons and engage the program's exercises, behind-the-scenes intrigue threatens to shut down the program before it completes. 119 pages.

This is Just to Say (2011)

Producer, Editor

Adaptation of the poem by William Carlos Williams. Silent short film. 5 mins.

Sugar Packet (2011)

Writer, Director, Producer, Editor

A young man finds a suicide note stuffed in a diner sugar packet. Along with the note is included a riddle, and challenge to the reader to dive into an elaborate treasure hunt in order to save the note's writer. Short film. 13 mins.

Atom Heart Mother Suite (Montage) (2009)


Avant-garde montage set to the last five minutes of Pink Floyd's 1970 "Atom Heart Mother Suite."

59 (2009)

Writer, Director, Producer

Groundhog Day meets Boyz n the Hood. Short film. 9 mins.