No More Weekly

A quick announcement, since I apparently do think that the tree makes a sound.

I’ve been hosting Who Shaves the Barber? as a weekly podcast for nearly a year now (I just released Episode 50 today). It’s been a lovely and fruitful experiment. Alas, you can only do a weekly in-depth podcast for so long while still having a full-time job and attacking other ambitious projects. So I’m officially calling the end of the weekly release. I’m still releasing episodes, but not on any regular schedule.

There are two episodes I expect to release in August that I’m super excited about. One is with David Ripley about Curry’s paradox. I’ve wanted to do a primer on Curry since the inception of the podcast, but it has always seemed daunting since it is something of a technical paradox (though fairly broad and fundamental issues lie at its heart). So I’m super stoked to talk to Dave Ripley himself about it.

The other is with a good friend of mine, Kazi Reza. This will be unlike any other interview in that I don’t expect it to focus on any one topic. Rather, I’ll be trying out how a casual, mostly undirected philosophical conversation works as a Barber episode. This may be excellent, it may not work at all – we’ll find out shortly. I also hope during that interview to talk about some of the new projects that have me stepping away from the podcast.

Till then!

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