"Pressing the Button with William Nava" (The Isaac Morehouse Podcast)

Interview with Isaac Morehouse about the essay "Would You Press the Button?" (below) and the Pressing the Button project.

"Pragmatic Vagueness" (work-in-progress)

A survey of solutions to the sorites paradox and the various problems each of those solutions face, along with an original proposal: a pragmatist solution. Assumes a bit of background familiarity with issues in philosophy of logic.

"Have Americans Lost Their Entrepreneurial Spirit?" (Foundation for Economic Education)

Summary and analysis of Tyler Cowen's theory of the American "complacent class" and the "great reset" that is on its way.

"To Vote or Not to Vote" (Center for a Stateless Society)

Nothing wrong with voting. If you like it, by all means, do it. Just be aware that when you do it, you're not making any impact on the world. (Almost) same goes for attending large-scale protests.

"Would You Press the Button?" (Foundation for Economic Education)

Are you someone who would like to improve, expand, change, minimize, and/or eliminate the government? Whichever stripe you happen to wear, I assert that you don't know what government is. This essay answers that ontological question and explores what ethical considerations follow.

"Objections to Abolish Work" (Abolish Work)

Nick Ford, of abolishwork.com, thinks "work" (defined in a particular and narrow way) can and should be abolished. I find his position interesting but problematic. This essay spells out my fundamental objections with anti-work. Nick replied with "Anti-Work is For Dreamers" parts one and two.