This Is Me Failing

Me right now (as I write this – not your “right now”).


So, uh, for anyone who hasn’t noticed, I’ve been posting every day since the beginning of this month (except on the 13th – I posted at Pressing The Button that day). I’d love for you to think that a fountain of creativity has burst inside me and out my fingertips. The truth is less romantic. I’m doing a nine-month entrepreneurship program called Praxis. Month 2 is write a blog post every day month.

To be fair, the commitment to post every day has functioned like a bursting creativity fountain within me. After all, I’m not cheating. I really am writing this stuff every day. Lesson: creativity can be generated on command. It just takes commitment. Yay.

Except today. Today sucks. I spent about two hours writing a blog post about why depression is valuable. That’s a topic that matters a lot to me. It’s not something I’m willing to write a mediocre post about.

I didn’t write a mediocre post. I wrote an awful post.

I can’t take another hour to write it over or to write on a different topic. I have a lot on my plate today. Besides, writing such a crummy post took the writer out of me. I look at the various topics I’ve been meaning to write about and I just think blech. No more, please.

But I gave my word to write a post every day. So here you go. This is me failing.

So you don’t feel like you’ve wasted your time, here are some people not failing, curated to your mood:

Feeling artsily philosophical? Awesome, that’s the best mood. The creators of South Park made animations to go with Zen Buddhist philosopher Alan Watts’ lectures. Very accessible and inspiring philosophy. Comes with my highest recommendation.

Feeling groovy? Here’s Nina Simone killin’ it.

Feeling silly? Here’s a reminder that Drinking Out of Cups exists.

Feeling melancholy? Hyperbole and a Half has it worse than you.

Feeling angry? This guy from Richard Linklater’s Waking Life feels you.

Feeling scared of the darkness within the human spirit? This Creepypasta vid will make you feel better.

None of the above? Whatever. Read Andy Weir’s The Egg.

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