Victory Lap


Day 30, bitches!

Excuse me. I’m excited.

As I mentioned in this pathetic post, I’ve been doing a month-long write-a-blog-post-everyday challenge. Today is day 30. For the past 30 days, including today, I’ve written a blog post every single day. No exceptions. Don’t mind if I take this last post to celebrate and jot down some observations.

I began this challenge without a clear idea of what I should be writing about. In part, I hoped the challenge would help me pin down what topics I’m most interested in writing about. On day three of the challenge, I began a concurrent 30-day yoga challenge. Today is my day 28 of yoga. I’ve never done any kind of 30-day challenge before, so doing both at the same time has led them to feel associated in my mind. April has been the blog-yoga month.

A few observations:

  • Posts went up before midnight of every day.
  • Every post was posted here except day 13, which was posted at Pressing the Button.
  • Average post length: 871 words (not including today’s post. Counting today’s post would involve self-reference, and we all know that’s not allowed, this sentence notwithstanding). The longest post (1817 words) was my recent post about the Sorites paradox. The shortest (361 words) was this throwaway chronicling a train of thought sparked by a cool bass line. 8 posts were over 1000 words long; 5 were under 500 words.
  • I wrote 4 posts about solutions to the Liar paradox. Three of those were about problems with one particular proposed solution to it.
  • 11 posts were categorized under “Personal,” including this one. 8 each for “Logic” and “Philosophy of Language.” 5 each for “Metaphysics” and “Social Philosophy.” 3 for “Epistemology,” and 2 each for “Metaphilosophy” and “Ethics.” Some posts fit more than one category, which is why the numbers add to more than 30. So, although “Personal” comes in as the single most represented category, most posts were about some area of philosophy.
  • Two categories died. I realized early on that I wouldn’t have enough to say about “Polyamory” to warrant a category. Any post on the subject could fit comfortably in either “Personal” or “Ethics,” depending on the type of post (this month I did only one post on the subject, a very personal one).
  • One post from this month was published by an outside organization: FEE published the post about Cowen’s “complacent class.”
  • In early posts, I engaged in an unfortunate habit: inserting an extra space between paragraphs whenever I wanted to signal a new sub-section but didn’t want to create a sub-heading. I stopped doing that. It looks awful.
  • I wasn’t particularly vocal about the challenge. I shared (most) of my posts on Facebook, but that’s about it. Even so, a whole bunch of people noticed that I was writing a lot, and reached out to me about it. That was really cool.
  • One person wrote a substantial rebuttal to one of my posts. I wrote a response post to that rebuttal. That was cool.

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