Intro to the Liar, Part 1: Variations | Who Shaves the Barber? #2

Logic Philosophy Podcast

Episode 2: Intro to the Liar Paradox, Part 1: Variations

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“This sentence is false.” More ink has been spilled over the meaning of these four words than almost any other paradox in the history of philosophy. Why? What makes the Liar’s loopy reasoning more than just a party trick? How does the Liar challenge basic laws of logic and the meaning of truth? To understand the problems the Liar poses, we need to dive into its structure. What makes the Liar tick? Is it self-reference? What does it share with related paradoxes, like Russell’s paradox and the truth-teller paradox? What do the phenomena of “strengthened liars” and “circular liars” tell us about what’s at stake with this family of paradoxes?



Topics discussed

0:04 – Intro
1:37 – Liar reasoning
2:40 – History of the Liar (Epimenides, Eubulides, Russell)
7:27 – Why it matters: excluded middle, non-contradiction, t-schema, self-reference
11:56 – 3 ways out
13:39 – “I am hereby lying”
14:57 – Circular liar
16:30 – Strengthened (revenge) liars
20:33 – Structure of the Liar
24:21 – Set theory disclaimer
25:57 – Russell’s paradox
28:30 – Properties
29:40 – Truth teller paradox
31:54 – Principle of uniform solution

Next week: Intro to the Liar, Part 2: Structure and Inclosure Schema

Special thanks for Jackie Blum for the podcast art, and The Tin Box for the theme music.

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